Orenda — Free Multi-purpose Tumblr Theme

CubThemes presents to you Orenda - the most advanced Tumblr theme that is so far ahead it could as well be called a framework.

- Flexible Layout – Almost all of the elements inside Orenda are customizable. You have the control to change positions, sizes, shapes and setup your blog just the way you like it
- Supports all Tumblr post types
- Column Control – You can change the content column count from 1 up to 7
- Sub-themes – With it’s 60+ color and image options and with the help of the Custom CSS option you can actually build sub-themes for Orenda (or use one of the few included in this package)
- Social Feed – With this custom plugin you can add social feeds with images of 7 different social networks directly to your blog
- Image Slider (FlexSlider) with a bunch of options to custome its look
- Social Buttons – Links to the 9 most popular social networks plus a custom website and eMail buttons
- Border Radius Control – Change the border radius of all your elements with ease
- Sticky Sidebar (StickyFloat) – Make your sidebar follow the visitor while scrolling down
- Post Types/Tags – Group post types with tags for better user experience
- Colorbox for images and links – Opens images and links in a box above your content for better user experience
- Disqus Comments – Add comments to your posts
- Google Analytics – Stay up to date with the progress of your blog
- Google Code Prettify with 2 themes – The best solution for code posting
- Infinite Scroll – Besides the regular "Prev, 1,2,3, Next" pagination you can use Infinite Scrolling to showcase your posts or even add a trigger so posts are loaded when a button is pressed ("Load More")
- Responsive (Bootstrap 3)
- Retina Ready (Retina.js & FontAwesome)
And a lot more…

For full list of the 170+ features check out the online documentation.

Orenda's Premium Features

Clean & Pixel Perfect
We provide only top quality products with attention to every detail and a touch of perfectionalism.
Retina Ready
Using special software and vector icons we made sure your blog looks great on new Apple devices.
Fully Responsive
Your blog will look awesome on any type of modern device regardless of its screen size.
Support All Post Types
Support for Text, Photo, Panorama, Photoset, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, Video and Answer posts.
Multi-layered Navigation
Fully customize the layout of your navigation bar with integrated features for every button.
Various Colors
The color options give you infinite possibilities to change the color scheme on your blog.
Various Typefaces
Choose between various Tumblr typefaces for different kinds of text, titles and post types.
Pretty Notes
Organized post notes with special icons to easliy browse through likes, reblogs and replies.
Search, Tag, Custom Pages
Every secondary page whether custom or generated looks as good as the rest of your blog.
Image Zoom
Clicking on any post image in your blog will zoom and highlight it on top of your content.
Infinite Scroll
New content is automatically added to the bottom of the page while visitors are scrolling.
Sidebar Position
Choose whether you want your sidebar to come on the left or the right of the main content.
Disqus Comments
Integrated Disqus widget to let people leave their oppinions and feedback on your content.
Google Analytics
Keep up with the traffic on your blog, track who your visitors are and where they came from.
By changing your Tumblr settings your theme will automatically change its language as well.
Image Feed
A widget showcasing your latest image feeds from various social networks and art communities.
External Links
External links with respective icons to multiple social networks, communities and platforms.
Social Sharing
Allowing your visitors to share content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and e-Mail.
Online Documentation
Very well writen documentation on all features available in the theme and a few common tips.
Free Updates
We constantly update our themes to ensure you and your visitors have an awesome experience.
Not convinced yet? Give it a test run!

Go to your customize page

Click on Browse Themes

Hit & type CubThemes

Select Orenda & tap Use