Follow the general installation guide located here

By default your options might vary, to achieve the effects on demo blog change the following settings:

Appearance Options

Adventura features global options that are going to effect your blog and profile appearance at the same time. These options are located at the top of the Customization page.

Theme Options

Other Options

Known Issues

1 - Header Image and Background Image are different things

2 - Keep in mind that large files might slow down the load time of your blog and make mobile devises "freeze". It's recommended that you use JPG images with quality between 80 and 90 percent and/or you optimize your image before uploading with a tool such as (or in general keeping it's size bellow 1 MB).

3 - Enable Infinite Scroll must be turned on for this feature to work.

4 - Because of a conflict between Tumblr and Bootstrap this feature is not going not work on the Customize page, but will work as intended on your actual blog.

5 - Blog settings are located at

Credits: JQuery -, Infinite Scroll -, retina.js -, Bootstrap -, FontAwesome -, SubtlePatterns -

Documentation for Adventura v1.2