The Shell

At the very basic level Ultimate Pro is a simple shell with major containers storing different components.


Hooks & Positions

Theme hooks are places where modules are hooked/positioned. Currently there are 6 hooks in Ultimate Pro.


UP has numerous different module elements that can be placed in various different positions depending on your needs. It's as easy as choosing an option from a dropdown menu. Each module has its own set of options to customize it even further and turn it into an unique experience for you and your visitors.



Modules are major components that can be hooked to different sections.


The currently supported modules are Posts, Pagination, Navbar, Carousel, Logo, Title, Avatar, Description, Jumbotron, Features, Progress, External Links, Image Feed, Twitter, Custom Text, Likes, Following and Group Members.

If you want to learn more details about each and every option please read the full Ultimate PRO documentation or check our demo setup guides.