Ultimate Pro Changelog

version 1.2 (27 Oct 2016)

  • updated – Most of the code has been rewritten and improved. All 3rd party libraries have been updated to the latest versions or changed with better ones. Greatly improved layout. Many functionality issues have been fixed. Most CSS styles have been rewritten. Lost of new features added.
  • updated – Post footer icons have been reworked and size is slightly increased.
  • updated – Post Footer Icons Style has been reworked (choose between Boxed and Unwrapped buttons styles).
  • updated – Navbar is completely rewritten with much more options than before.
  • updated – Navbar Style now has more options (Fixed Top, Fixed Bottom, Inline, Pills, Slide, Fixed Slide).
  • updated – Tags addon has been improved, you can now use any character including multi-word tags (the only unavailable symbols are double quotes ” and comma ,). All tags must be divided by comma followed by space – [, ].
  • updated – Features X Title is required for that particular feature to be visible.
  • updated – Notes visual have been changed slightly.
  • updated – Tags Style – Pills are now inline with other elements if there’s space.
  • updated – Colorbox navigation is now invisible until hover on non-mobile devices.
  • updated – Carousel Style is now Carousel Background Style.
  • added – Transparency option in Header/Main/Footer Background Style options.
  • added – Related posts addon.
  • added – Navbar Content Width option (Fluid, Normal, Tight, Narrow).
  • added – Navbar Height option (default – 60).
  • added – Navbar Margin option (Normal, No Margin Top, No Margin Bottom, No Margins).
  • added – Options to have Avatar and/or Title in sliding navbar.
  • added – Tags Title options (for navbar).
  • added – Post Style option (Spacious, Minimal – more to come in future updates).
  • added – Post navigation (Next/Previous).
  • added – Photoset captions and styles (Bottom, Hidden, Snapchat, Hover).
  • added – Permalink button in post footer with the Post Permalink Visibility option.
  • added – Carousel Style option (Normal, Seamless – no left and right margins).
  • added – Carousel Navigation option.
  • added – Carousel Link Titles.
  • added – Loading Overlay Branding options (Avatar, Title or Logo).
  • added – dummy text on all modules and features to get you started more easily.
  • added – Hero Header Max Height option (if field is blank the height will be set to 100% of viewer screen) – default 450.
  • added – Hero Header Text Color option.
  • added – Hero hook for Avatar.
  • added – Hero Header Link Title.
  • added – Features Link Titles.
  • added – Jumbotron Link Title.
  • fixed – A bug that prevented post likes from working properly.
  • fixed – A bug with Photoset Grids.
  • fixed – Tweets are now visible on the customization page if you have SSL enabled on your blog.
  • fixed – Various coding and visual bugs.

version 1.1 (28 Mar 2016)

  • added – Stretched Images option – choose whether the images would fill their container or keep their original size (default: OFF).
  • added – Navbar Style > Inline Fluid for fluid navbar content
  • reworked – Navbar Style > Inline now has a content width of max. 1170px
  • fixed – a bug with Navbar Tags List not showing
  • fixed – a bug with Blog Title not displaying in browser tabs
  • fixed – a bug where horizontal scroll would apper when Main Size and Main Content Size are set to Fluid

version 1.0 (11 Nov 2015)

  • initial release
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